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53 Updated/modified ZipCPU/dev software for S6. dgisselq 2183d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
52 Latest S/W changes to both the host and ZipOS software dgisselq 2183d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
48 Added missing sw/host and sw/zipos files dgisselq 2202d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
47 Adding missing files to the sw/dev directory dgisselq 2202d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
45 S6SoC 8-bit support dgisselq 2202d 23h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
44 Made adjustments so that the s/w now matches it's specification document,
as it should've been.
dgisselq 2492d 19h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
39 Fixes the doorbell light, so that it goes on and off properly now. dgisselq 2498d 13h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
38 Updated the documentation. dgisselq 2498d 13h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
37 Fixed the problem with the clock running too slow. dgisselq 2499d 11h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
29 A first capability for setting time, dawn, and dusk values using the keypad.
At this point, I now have a minimal capability for actually accomplishing
the entire task. It's not very robust, but if you get lucky it'll work.
dgisselq 2501d 12h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
27 Added a bootloader capability so that pieces of the program may be immediately
loaded into RAM. Further, the custom linker script, cmodram.ld, has been
added to dispatch object files to either FLASH or RAM. Finally, for those
items that were headed to RAM, their support files have been split between
RAM and FLASH code: kernel.c/ksetup.c, syspipe.c/pipesetup.c, etc.
dgisselq 2505d 23h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
26 Modified to be able to handle different load from virtual addresses. This
enables the bootloader capability.
dgisselq 2505d 23h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
22 Initial version of the ZipOS operating system construct(s). dgisselq 2509d 21h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
21 Adds two device drivers: one for the SPI display, and another for the pseudo
device that simulates the Real-Time Clock.
dgisselq 2509d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
20 This linker description file acknowledges a .fixdata section which can be
used for debug data upon startup. This allows a startup function to write
all registers out, without destroying them or modifying them on the way.
dgisselq 2509d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
19 Addition of dumpuart.cpp to dump the UART transactions to a FILE (method of
debugging the board). FLASHDRVR and ZIPLOAD were also updated to handle
loading ELF files where the code is longer than a single block.
dgisselq 2509d 22h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
15 Adds a new program and a new device: doorbell2 and the PmodCLS display. This
also includes a real-time clock simulator--since we couldn't fit it on the
dgisselq 2515d 15h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
14 Modified the loader so that it will load even if there are RAM variables
in the load, just as long as they aren't anything but zero. (The startup code,
however, doesn't clear memory to match--so be sure to initialize all variables.)
dgisselq 2515d 15h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
12 The UART and PWM audio now work. This includes the changes to make that
happen, as well as the source code for some UART and PWM demo programs.
dgisselq 2516d 13h /s6soc/trunk/sw/
11 Runs on hardware now! Added proper pinouts, pipelined wishbone command
interface sufficient for loading the flash, a loader to load the flash,
and verified that they work.
dgisselq 2517d 11h /s6soc/trunk/sw/

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