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54 Updated specification, to match repository dgisselq 1927d 00h /
53 Updated/modified ZipCPU/dev software for S6. dgisselq 1927d 00h /
52 Latest S/W changes to both the host and ZipOS software dgisselq 1927d 00h /
51 Latest RTL changes, adding 20 cycles/instruction to CPU dgisselq 1927d 00h /
50 8-b branch changes, main directory dgisselq 1946d 01h /
49 Updated the bench/cpp files for the 8-b branch dgisselq 1946d 01h /
48 Added missing sw/host and sw/zipos files dgisselq 1946d 01h /
47 Adding missing files to the sw/dev directory dgisselq 1946d 01h /
46 Added missing files from the 8b branch, deleted unneeded files dgisselq 1946d 01h /
45 S6SoC 8-bit support dgisselq 1946d 01h /
44 Made adjustments so that the s/w now matches it's specification document,
as it should've been.
dgisselq 2235d 22h /
43 Most recent build date. dgisselq 2235d 22h /
42 Adjusted the timer to support both auto-reloading and non-auto-reloading
functionality--in order to save space. Hence the watch-dog timer, which doesn't
need any reloading functionality, doesn't get it (anymore).
dgisselq 2235d 22h /
41 Version 0.3 of the draft spec. This includes a description of the ZipOS,
the various files, how the pinouts support the PMods, and so forth. A *big*
dgisselq 2235d 22h /
40 Added in internal document links, so you can click on contents items
(for example), and go directly to the referenced section.
dgisselq 2238d 23h /
39 Fixes the doorbell light, so that it goes on and off properly now. dgisselq 2241d 15h /
38 Updated the documentation. dgisselq 2241d 15h /
37 Fixed the problem with the clock running too slow. dgisselq 2242d 13h /
36 Many updates to the SPEC, although it's still by no means complete. dgisselq 2244d 13h /
35 Minor updates and tweaks, primarily fixing the none_sel signal when the
RTC, scope, or ICAPE interface are not present.
dgisselq 2244d 13h /

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