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22 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 4580d 05h /
21 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 4580d 10h /
20 New directory structure. root 4580d 10h /
19 Serirq: incorrect stop frame:
* The stop frame should be two clocks for quiet mode and three for continuous mode.
hharte 4653d 01h /
18 Corrected some minor mistakes, added information about error reporting. hharte 4807d 01h /
17 Fix bugs:
25-Jul-2008 LPC firmware writes must not insert wait-states.
22-Jul-2008 LPC DMA does not report READY+MORE for multi-byte transfers

Add feature:
23-Jul-2008 propagate Wishbone errors across LPC interface

Improve Testbench:
Ability to test multiple wait-states on LPC Peripheral Wishbone Master interface.
Check wbs_err_o from LPC Host.

Rebuild examples with the fixes above.
hharte 4807d 02h /
16 Fix bug: Spec violation for multi-byte firmware accesses
Built with ISE 10.1
hharte 4811d 07h /
15 fixed bug: Spec vviolation for multi-byte firmware amcesses:
the multi-byte firmware accesses incorrectly follow the multi-byte DMA algorithm and issue a SYNC sequence between each byte transferred. Instead, multi-byte firmware accesses should issue a single SYNC sequence following the transfer of the multi-byte data phase
hharte 4811d 07h /
14 Update for Xilinx ISE 10.1 hharte 4811d 17h /
13 Add testbench for serirq. hharte 4944d 16h /
12 Add serirq support and add DCM block to de-skew LPC_CLK to off-board LPC device. hharte 4945d 07h /
11 Add Serial IRQ Support hharte 4945d 07h /
10 Added Serial IRQ information. hharte 4945d 07h /
9 Add example projects for PCI LPC Host and LPC 7-Segment Display. hharte 4950d 05h /
8 Added some details on LPC cycle type definitions, fixed some inconsistencies. hharte 4950d 05h /
7 Add example projects for PCI LPC Host and LPC 7-Segment Display. hharte 4950d 15h /
6 Clean up whitespace. hharte 4950d 15h /
5 Fix bug in LPC Host that was causing a 2nd LPC cycle because the wishbone cycle was not completely retired when going back to the idle state.
Also clean up whitespace.
hharte 4950d 15h /
4 Adding .cvsignore files to ignore .svn directories. hharte 4952d 18h /
3 Initial checkin of source files hharte 4953d 00h /

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