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55 Directory restructuration zeus 4095d 12h /zet86/trunk/
54 impl/ renamed to boards/ zeus 4095d 12h /zet86/trunk/
53 Wishbone's ack now is 1 cycle to make it 100% wb compatible zeus 4139d 21h /zet86/trunk/
52 * Zet working at 25 Mhz without any visible problems...
* Implemented a simple PIC and Timer to receive both IRQ0 and IRQ1
* Hard disk implementation:
* Compact Flash controller through sysace (thanks to Sébastien
* int13_harddisk() function with read/write support
* int 19h implemented for hard disk
* Fetch simplification for NOP instruction
* Simulation model for the multiplier
zeus 4143d 20h /zet86/trunk/
49 New directory structure. root 4146d 06h /zet86/trunk/
48 Cursor shape in text mode implemented.
Also function 01 of int 10 (biosfn_set_cursor_shape)
zeus 4150d 21h /trunk/
47 Implemented partial BIOS service int 1a (function 0), in order to prevent FreeDOS from doing weird things after a while.

With this bug corrected, there are no open bugs.
zeus 4151d 16h /trunk/
46 int13 speedup (now it boots 50% faster) zeus 4153d 00h /trunk/
45 Major flaws corrected:
* XCHG and SAHF microcode corrections
* Synchronized 'inta' signal with interrupt flag and 'intr'
* BIOS pusha 8086 transformation correction
* Decoder corrected for: CMP, ADD, ADC, SUB, SBB, XOR, AND, OR with i
* Implemented functions 08, 09 and 0a of int 10h
* Keyboard BIOS interrupts int 16h and int 09h now working

1st version instr trace
zeus 4154d 15h /trunk/
44 Hardware debugger with memory dump support zeus 4164d 21h /trunk/
43 Wishbone compatible 8042 keyboard controller zeus 4178d 13h /trunk/
42 External interrupts support zeus 4189d 14h /trunk/
41 VGA status register and more VGA BIOS code zeus 4202d 08h /trunk/
40 Decoder simplified and VDU corrected zeus 4204d 13h /trunk/
39 Synchronized with git master - Big cleanup zeus 4262d 13h /trunk/
38 Binaries for building ROMs zeus 4263d 02h /trunk/
37 BIOS booting zeus 4287d 16h /trunk/
36 Conversion tests zeus 4291d 15h /trunk/
35 Full Wishbone master compliant zeus 4291d 15h /trunk/
34 Preliminary BIOS zeus 4294d 16h /trunk/

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