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209 8b bytes, + formal verification throughout + dcache dgisselq 1246d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
202 Additional ZipCPU changes associated w 8b upgrade dgisselq 1986d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
172 Added a test to see if the compiler properly handles a large number of
arguments. Further, the sibcall enabled compiler now correcly makes a
sibcall from the end of txreg().
dgisselq 2161d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
168 An updated version of the intensive CPU test. This one runs from C, and
requires a UART port and a PIC, but can run quite successfully on multiple
SoCs that have been built with the ZipCPU internal to them.
dgisselq 2222d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
152 Updated to match the new/updated multiply instructions. Of course, this is
still hand optimized and not compiled--so it's not really a true and proper
test (yet), but ... it's what I have.
dgisselq 2286d 20h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
151 Minor formatting change. dgisselq 2286d 20h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
150 Minor changes. dgisselq 2286d 21h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
86 Removed the requirement to have the dev.scope.cpu hardware defined outside
of the Zip CPU (it was defined in another project). This was causing a bus
error in the simulator (which it should have), but taking it out fixes things
in the simulator (while removing capability from one special piece of H/W).
dgisselq 2417d 23h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
74 Added a bunch of debugging code to the Dhrystone benchmark assembly file, as
well as two new testing assembly files.
dgisselq 2423d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
69 This implements the "new Instruction Set" architecture for the Zip CPU. It's
a massive change set, that touches just about everything but probably not
enough of everything. Please see the spec.pdf for a description of this
new architecture.
dgisselq 2429d 06h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
57 Some bug fixes to the dhrystone benchmark, and some compile time defines for
the test bench processor. Of the most important note is the fix to detect
lockups on the debug/wishbone bus--that has been a real help in getting the
ZipCPU installed and the debugger working on the various boards I'm working
with. (i.e., it's helped me find and figure out why/when things haven't worked)
Of other note is the new 'G' key in the testbench code, to cause the test
bench to run without user interaction until the next keystroke. This is
very valuable in long programs, as it makes getting to/from breakpoints
easier (i.e. you don't have to wait as long, hit 'G', breathe, hit 'space'
and you're there).
dgisselq 2500d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
50 Dhrystone benchmark updates--added the copyright notice. (Oops!) dgisselq 2510d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
42 Oops -- forgot to add the stack. dgisselq 2510d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
41 Assembly file for the Dhrystone benchmark added. dgisselq 2510d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
40 Quick update, updates the assembly for the new version of the assembler. dgisselq 2510d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
36 *Lots* of changes to increase processing speed and remove pipeline stalls.

Removed the useless flash cache, replacing it with a proper DMA controller.

"make test" in the main directory now runs a test program in Verilator and
reports on the results.
dgisselq 2522d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
12 Bunch of changes while trying to get a hello world program:
1. Right shifts by 32 or more now result in zero, or all of the top bit in the
case of ASRs.
2. zdump now properly includes addresses with dumped lines.
3. zparser now properly handles immediate values via the .DAT instruction.
dgisselq 2576d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
11 This version works on an FPGA!!!

(Or at least the wdt.S program passes ...)
dgisselq 2576d 11h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
10 Here's the watchdog timer code, as well as some pictures of the register
dgisselq 2577d 00h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm
2 An initial load. No promises of what works or not, but this is where the
project is at.
dgisselq 2578d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/asm

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