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209 8b bytes, + formal verification throughout + dcache dgisselq 1249d 12h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
204 Added the two simulators back into the SVN repository dgisselq 1988d 20h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
202 Additional ZipCPU changes associated w 8b upgrade dgisselq 1988d 21h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
197 Added a new multiply testbench. Other changes were necessary to follow. dgisselq 2114d 21h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
187 Updated to match changed register definitions within the core. dgisselq 2163d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
186 Now allows profile dumping for ELF executables. dgisselq 2163d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
185 Now includes the proper flags for building with ELF executable file support. dgisselq 2163d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
159 Now supports building a simulator that can load ELF files, such as GCC and/or
binutils will produce.
dgisselq 2256d 15h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
155 Improved debug trace quality, for finding bugs after the fact. dgisselq 2256d 16h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
154 Added timing checks on the busy and valid signals: either one of the two is
valid, or the whole is idle.
dgisselq 2256d 16h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
149 Updated the Makefile documentation and the all target. dgisselq 2289d 14h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
148 Minor changes to get LONG_MPY working, and adjust the documentation. dgisselq 2289d 14h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
147 Cleans up div_tb a bit, causing it to write SUCCESS out if successful and
abort if not.
dgisselq 2289d 14h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
140 Minor changes, but fixes build of zippy_tb.cpp. dgisselq 2293d 04h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
134 Working updates, to keep this up to date with the RTL code. dgisselq 2310d 15h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
105 Fixed some nasty early branching bugs. Adjusted the Makefile to declare that
cpudefs.h was automatically generated from cpudefs.v, and made sure that
zipbones included the cpudefs.v so it could get the DEBUG_SCOPE define.
In addition, the test.S was updated to test long jumps, the early branching
bug we found, and all three early branching instructions: ADD #x,PC, LOC(PC),PC,
and LDI #x,PC.
dgisselq 2354d 00h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
87 Adjusted the operator input line to reflect actual logic inputs, rather
than the registered inputs which may have been out of date. (Indeed, they
were out of date for the bug I was chasing and fixed ...)
dgisselq 2420d 16h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
77 First check-in: the test bench for the divide instruction. dgisselq 2425d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
76 The biggest change here was to zippy_tb, to make it more similar to the debugger
and to make it work with VLIW-type instructions.
dgisselq 2425d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp
75 Modified for VLIW instructions. dgisselq 2425d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/bench/cpp

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