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153 Adds internal link functionality to the specification document format. dgisselq 2256d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
139 Changes necessary to document the changed instruction set: LDIHI became MPY,
and MPYU and MPYS became MPYUHI and MPYSHI respectively. See the specification
for more details.
dgisselq 2295d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
92 Adjustments made to match the simplified early branching. dgisselq 2394d 15h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
73 Documentations updates. dgisselq 2425d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
69 This implements the "new Instruction Set" architecture for the Zip CPU. It's
a massive change set, that touches just about everything but probably not
enough of everything. Please see the spec.pdf for a description of this
new architecture.
dgisselq 2431d 21h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
68 Updated specification, includes well illustrated pipeline discussion. dgisselq 2466d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
39 Here's the documentation update to support the pipelined read/writes of
the bus from the CPU, as well as the test file that proved they worked.
dgisselq 2515d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
37 Fixed some minor spelling errors. dgisselq 2524d 11h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
36 *Lots* of changes to increase processing speed and remove pipeline stalls.

Removed the useless flash cache, replacing it with a proper DMA controller.

"make test" in the main directory now runs a test program in Verilator and
reports on the results.
dgisselq 2525d 00h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
33 Finally finished a first draft of the full specification! dgisselq 2553d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
32 Updated the document to match the most recent changes to the CPU. Specifically,
these include the re-instatement of the full SUB command with immediate offset,
and ... others I cannot remember.

The new document also describes what conditions create pipeline stalls,
together with how many cycles each stall condition will create.
dgisselq 2554d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
24 Lots more changes to the spec. It's still not done, but it is more complete
than before.
dgisselq 2557d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
23 Oops -- left some portions of the RTC Clock spec in with the ZIP CPU spec.
These were quickly removed.
dgisselq 2558d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
22 dgisselq 2558d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/
21 This update adds an incomplete version of the specification for the chip.
I ned to come back to this and do a lot more writing, but it is a start.
dgisselq 2558d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/doc/src/

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