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209 8b bytes, + formal verification throughout + dcache dgisselq 1198d 00h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
205 Updating core to current/best version, to include dblfetch support and full CIS support dgisselq 1918d 11h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
201 RTL files for the 8-bit capable ZipCPU. dgisselq 1937d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
196 Updated internal documentation. dgisselq 2063d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
194 Cleaned up some parameters, trying to create more consistency. dgisselq 2063d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
193 These changes make it so the ALU multiplies pass a test-bench. dgisselq 2063d 09h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
179 Lots of changes, most (all?) of them to the non-pipelined core. The resulting
core is now about 100-120 LUTs smaller when not-pipelined, and yet maintains
the pipelined logic when necessary.
dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
178 Rewrote the parameter controlled logic to be just that: perameter controller,
rather than depending upon generics. The result reduces our area by a couple
dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
177 Fixed the illegal address logic to be more precise. dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
176 Switched from distributed to block RAM, and adjusted the logic to help
timing closure. The resulting core will build in designs up to 200MHz in
dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
175 Fixed the carry bit for logical shifts: it is the last bit shifted out of the
register. 0x80000000>>32 yields a 0 with carry set. Anything logically
shifted by a number greater than thirty two clears carry and register.
dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
174 Simplified the divide to improve timing performance. dgisselq 2112d 07h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
160 Logic updates, and bug fix corrections to bring this in line with the current
XuLA2-LX25 SoC version. (i.e., the XuLA version was debugged and improved,
this update pushes those improvements to the mainline.)
dgisselq 2205d 02h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
145 This fixes the pipelined memory problem that was introduced a while back to
fix ... pipelined memory conflicts. This appears to maintain the success
of the fix, while recovering the pipeline memory performance that was had
dgisselq 2238d 01h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
140 Minor changes, but fixes build of zippy_tb.cpp. dgisselq 2241d 15h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
138 This updates the CPU multiply instruction into a set of three instructions.
MPY is a 32x32-bit multiply instruction, returning the low 32-bit result,
MPYUHI returns the upper 32-bits assuming the result was unsigned and MPYSHI
returns the upper 32-bits assuming the result was signed.
dgisselq 2244d 12h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
133 Changes preceding an instruction set update, which will change the multiply
operation from a 16x16 bit multiply to three types of 32x32-bit multiplies.
dgisselq 2259d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
132 Lots of minor bug fixes. dgisselq 2259d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
131 Fixed a variable use before declaration error. dgisselq 2259d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core
130 Simplified the lock logic, and removed it when pipelining was not defined. This
also means the file is now dependent upon cpudefs.v. In another change, brev
was modified so as not to update the flags. This makes it useable with GCC
as a potential move or load immediate instruction.
dgisselq 2259d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/rtl/core

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