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209 8b bytes, + formal verification throughout + dcache dgisselq 1463d 11h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
206 Updated assembler, fixes several bugs, adds better bug detection and reporting (fixes some segfaults on bugs) dgisselq 2183d 23h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
203 Removed the (now unused) old GCC compiler, v5.3.0 dgisselq 2202d 18h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
202 Additional ZipCPU changes associated w 8b upgrade dgisselq 2202d 19h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
200 Lots of GCC bugs fixed, some new features added, longs should work now. The
build scripts have also been updated and simplified.
dgisselq 2302d 03h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
192 Fixed a bug with constant alignment in the assembler. dgisselq 2328d 20h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
191 Updated toolchain, more information on the example debugger. dgisselq 2343d 23h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
188 Adjusted the opcodes to match the binutils port: added RTN instructions, and
allowed BREAK instructions to include an immediate--to be interpreted by the
dgisselq 2377d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
171 This fixes the problem whereby the ZipCPU didn't properly access more than
5 word-sized function parameters.
dgisselq 2379d 23h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
166 Bugfix version. This fixes a problem whereby function addresses with offsets
were not properly calculated, together with properly setting up pcrelative
offsets when using the move function together with a label.
dgisselq 2438d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
165 Added a test to make certain that the arithmetic right shift was properly
propagating the high order bit. (The test works under verilator, but didn't
initially work in Xilinx -- thus a difference between the two.)
dgisselq 2438d 22h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
156 Fixed a compiler warning for an unused result. dgisselq 2470d 14h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
146 Fixes a problem where the assembler complained the compiler was trying to
move .org backwards. This is now fixed.
dgisselq 2503d 12h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
143 This section belatedly adjusts the zasm assembler so that it can handle
the LONG_MPY changes that have taken place. However, the test.S assembler
test script is still not properly testing the multiplies--at least it will
succeed on everything else.
dgisselq 2503d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
142 Bug fix--fixes some problems with conditional execution, as well as removing
an unnecessary peephole optimization.
dgisselq 2504d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
141 Fixes two bugs: one causing merged strings in the read only string section to
be referenced at the wrong address, and the second which caused the assembler
to fail at SYMBOL-OFFSET references.
dgisselq 2504d 13h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
138 This updates the CPU multiply instruction into a set of three instructions.
MPY is a 32x32-bit multiply instruction, returning the low 32-bit result,
MPYUHI returns the upper 32-bits assuming the result was unsigned and MPYSHI
returns the upper 32-bits assuming the result was signed.
dgisselq 2509d 23h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
137 This should (again) fix the bug of trying to build optest.cpp. dgisselq 2523d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
136 Oops --- missed a couple HOST_WIDE_INT values in a printf. This casts them
to (long), so that we can work on both PC's and ARMs.
dgisselq 2523d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/sw
135 Replaced all occurrences of INTVAL(...) on printf lines with (long)INTVAL(...).
This should fix the problems zip-gcc was having while running on the ARM.
dgisselq 2523d 17h /zipcpu/trunk/sw

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