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192 Fixed a bug with constant alignment in the assembler. dgisselq 2069d 04h /zipcpu
191 Updated toolchain, more information on the example debugger. dgisselq 2084d 07h /zipcpu
190 Added the copyright statement back in. dgisselq 2085d 23h /zipcpu
189 Final, as delivered, ORCONF slides. dgisselq 2085d 23h /zipcpu
188 Adjusted the opcodes to match the binutils port: added RTN instructions, and
allowed BREAK instructions to include an immediate--to be interpreted by the
dgisselq 2118d 01h /zipcpu
187 Updated to match changed register definitions within the core. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
186 Now allows profile dumping for ELF executables. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
185 Now includes the proper flags for building with ELF executable file support. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
184 Adjusted the illegal instruction option documentation. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
183 Cleaned up the system so that !CYC implies !STB as well. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
182 Bug fix for fast memories. This now works for memories with single cycle
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
181 Adjusted the wishbone logic to include our wishbone simplification that if
CYC is ever low, STB must be low as well.
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
180 Cleaned up the stall logic--made it independent of whether or not we are
designed to be alternating or not.
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
179 Lots of changes, most (all?) of them to the non-pipelined core. The resulting
core is now about 100-120 LUTs smaller when not-pipelined, and yet maintains
the pipelined logic when necessary.
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
178 Rewrote the parameter controlled logic to be just that: perameter controller,
rather than depending upon generics. The result reduces our area by a couple
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
177 Fixed the illegal address logic to be more precise. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
176 Switched from distributed to block RAM, and adjusted the logic to help
timing closure. The resulting core will build in designs up to 200MHz in
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
175 Fixed the carry bit for logical shifts: it is the last bit shifted out of the
register. 0x80000000>>32 yields a 0 with carry set. Anything logically
shifted by a number greater than thirty two clears carry and register.
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
174 Simplified the divide to improve timing performance. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
173 Adjusted the pdfinfo field, to accommodate Google's bot. dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
172 Added a test to see if the compiler properly handles a large number of
arguments. Further, the sibcall enabled compiler now correcly makes a
sibcall from the end of txreg().
dgisselq 2118d 02h /zipcpu
171 This fixes the problem whereby the ZipCPU didn't properly access more than
5 word-sized function parameters.
dgisselq 2120d 07h /zipcpu
170 Minor updates to the orconf.pdf pre-conference slide. (Added the 'to be
revealed' line.
dgisselq 2130d 02h /zipcpu
169 Added details of LM32 to the (pre) ORConf survey slide in trunk/doc. dgisselq 2166d 02h /zipcpu
168 An updated version of the intensive CPU test. This one runs from C, and
requires a UART port and a PIC, but can run quite successfully on multiple
SoCs that have been built with the ZipCPU internal to them.
dgisselq 2179d 02h /zipcpu
167 Updated the spec to reflect changes in the CC register: the user break
flag, and the ability to command a clearing of the instruction cache.
dgisselq 2179d 02h /zipcpu
166 Bugfix version. This fixes a problem whereby function addresses with offsets
were not properly calculated, together with properly setting up pcrelative
offsets when using the move function together with a label.
dgisselq 2179d 06h /zipcpu
165 Added a test to make certain that the arithmetic right shift was properly
propagating the high order bit. (The test works under verilator, but didn't
initially work in Xilinx -- thus a difference between the two.)
dgisselq 2179d 06h /zipcpu
164 Updated with inputs from Hellwig Geisse regarding the details of the ECO32
dgisselq 2187d 08h /zipcpu
163 Trimmed OR1K instruction set down from 219 instructions, to the minimum number
of 48. Thanks to Olof for helping identify the minimal set!
dgisselq 2195d 10h /zipcpu

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