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96 added script to build hello world app oharboe 4946d 15h /zpu/trunk/
95 build hello world example oharboe 4946d 15h /zpu/trunk/
94 strip away files not needed for ModelSim hello world tests oharboe 4948d 08h /zpu/trunk/
93 Initial import of simple hello world example oharboe 4949d 12h /zpu/trunk/
92 Initial import. oharboe 4949d 12h /zpu/trunk/
91 moved to git repository see
oharboe 5025d 03h /zpu/trunk/
88 New directory structure. root 5128d 11h /zpu/trunk/
87 register stack wip oharboe 5211d 00h /trunk/
86 wip - added LIFO to list of ideas for next gen ZPU oharboe 5213d 23h /trunk/
85 2008-11-12 Álvaro Lopes <>
* zpu/hdl/zpu4/core/zpu_core.vhd: Basic interrupt implementation
for zpu4 core.
oharboe 5246d 01h /trunk/
84 dmips test app in example folder oharboe 5279d 12h /trunk/
83 a few words about the ZY1000 ZPU JTAG debugger oharboe 5279d 15h /trunk/
82 Álvaro Lopes <> spi controller oharboe 5296d 03h /trunk/
81 small ZPU oharboe 5296d 10h /trunk/
80 <> Álvaro Lopes SPI flash controller documentation oharboe 5296d 11h /trunk/
79 * zpu/hdl/zealot: added small ZPU core, testbenches and FPGA implementation oharboe 5298d 14h /trunk/
78 * zpu/docs/zpu_arch.html: added Zealot information. oharboe 5308d 02h /trunk/
77 2008-09-08 Salvador Eduardo Tropea <>
* zpu/hdl/zealot: a complete ZPU implementation cleaned up and
with a UART.
oharboe 5311d 07h /trunk/
76 a bit of info on implementing a UART oharboe 5315d 10h /trunk/
75 commenting wip oharboe 5324d 02h /trunk/

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