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OpenSupport Objectives (OpenTech Partner Program)

OpenSupport Program is a partnering program between OpenTech project and open source EDA tools & open source Hardware designs developers to provide the support for the users of these designs and tools and OpenTech customers.

We hope from through this program to increase the support level of Open source tools and designs and encourage designers to use them instead of the traditional ones.

OpenSupport Partners

- (Handasa Arabia organization) Handasa Arabia is an organization started in the Arab world to leverage the Hi-Tech through the use of the Open source Hardware concept. - (GreenSocs) The GreenSocs™ website provides collaboratively developed, peer reviewed, Open Source SystemC infrastructure. - (Balloon board) The Balloon is a small, light, low-power, high performance, ARM-based board with sufficient IO for many projects built-in (CF/USB/LCD/IO/Serial/Smartmedia/Audio). It is intended to be used as a computing component to put into your particular project by adding add any special hardware you need via the expansion bus which brings out nearly every signal on the board. It is already used in a number of commercial projects, and can be built in a number of configurations. - (Elphel Inc. ) Elphel Inc. offers Open source high resolution network Cameras - (Free Model Foundry) The Free Model Foundry (FMF) promotes the development and free distribution of open source models of electronic components in system design. - (QOscC ) QOscC is a highly flexible and configurable software Oscilloscope - (PDTools) UMpack: A collection of physical design tools, Capo: A mixed size recursive min-cut bisection placer, MetaPlacer: A tool which uses Capo and applies pre and post-processing steps, MLPart: A Fiducia-Mattheysis based multi-level partitioner, FMPart: A fast Fiducia-Mattheysis hypergraph partitioner. Parquet: A simulated annealing based floorplanner. - (LayoutEditor) A IC/MEMS layout editor. Features: all angle, font generator, macros, boolean operations, design rule checker, crossplatform compatible, supported formats:Calma GDSII, OASIS (Open Artwork System Interchange Standard), DXF, CIF (Caltech Intermediate Form) - (Simply RISC) Simply RISC S1 Core is a cut-down implementation of the 64-bit OpenSPARC T1 microprocessor with one CPU core, capable of running 4 concurrent threads, and a Wishbone interface to connect to the cores available on

How it works

OpenSupport Partners offer one or two of the following support levels:

- Basic support, which is free of charge provided by email, mailing list or online forum but the reply is not guaranteed and depends on the question or the request.

- Advanced support, fees will be charged to provide a guaranteed reply by email or phone, the fees are based on the question.

To request the basic support check the contact information specified for each project in this page and for the advanced support send your request to with the OpenSupport member name (project name) and your question.
The request will be evaluated and forwarded to the OpenSupport member.
Fees will be decided by the OpenSupport member answering the request.

Joining OpenSupport

To join the OpenSupport program send email to the OpenTech maintainer to arrange how to add your open source design/tool to OpenTech and to provide information on how will you support your design/tool.

Send a support request

This section is still under construction and it will be automated in the future. Here are the contact information according to the support level:

Project/Institute Basic Support Contact Advaced Support Contact (Handasa Arabia) (Balloon Projects) To be announced soon (Elphel Projects) (Free Model Foundry) (QOscC ) (PDTools) (LayoutEditor) (Simply RISC)

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