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Name: w11
Created: Jul 6, 2010
Updated: Oct 15, 2016
SVN Updated: Oct 15, 2016
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Category: Processor
Language: VHDL
Development status: Beta
Additional info: Design done, FPGA proven
WishBone Compliant: No
License: GPL


Fig D-1: A PDP-11/70 Console. These display and switch consoles were the hallmark of the PDP-11 computers in the 70ties. Picture courtesy of Henk Gooijen, see also Henk's PDP-11 collection.
The project contains a complete DEC PDP-11 system: a PDP-11/70 CPU with memory management unit, but without floating point unit, a complete set of mass storage peripherals (RK11/RK05, RL11/RL02, RK70/RP06, TM11/TU10) and a basic set of UNIBUS peripherals (DL11, LP11, PC11), and last but not least a cache and memory controllers for SRAM and PSRAM. The design is FPGA proven, runs currently on Digilent Arty , Basys3 , Nexys4 , Nexys3 , Nexys2 and S3board boards and boots 5th Edition UNIX and 2.11BSD UNIX.

This is a retrocomputing project, rebuilding hardware from the late 70s and running historical software. To get into the tune see Figure D-1, a 11/70 console, and Figure F-2, a baseline system setup.

News 2016-10-15: Release w11a_v0.74 available for details see section Releases.
News 2014-06-19: doxygen generated code browsing available for vhdl and C++ sources. No documentation text added so far, but helpful to navigate through the code. Good starting points are vhdl module list, or sys_w11a_n3 source, or C++ class list .

For more details see the sections:


Running Systems

The project holds all the sources to synthesize a complete system. Complete configurations for three boards are currently part of the project, the Digilent S3BOARD, Nexys2 and Nexys3 boards. See section Features: Complete Systems for details.

So far two UNIX systems have been successfully booted on the w11a:

  • UNIX 5th edition
  • 2.11 BSD UNIX
See section Systems for details, including links to the disk sets.

Known Issues

There are some known difference between w11a and 11/70 and also known bugs in the current w11a implementation (see w11a_known_issues.txt). They affect the behaviour in cases like fatal stack errors or certain double faults which don't occur in the normal operation of an operating system, and if they happen, in general lead to a crash anyway.

The known differences are not considered worth fixing them, while the known bugs will be addressed in future versions of the w11a core.

Given that the w11a boots 2.11BSD the cores are considered 'Design Done' and 'FPGA proven'. The USB based Rlink interface and the backend software perform very well. Given the loose ends listed above the project is still considered 'Beta' quality.


Being a 'leisture time project' things evolve at a modest pace. Key milestone so far were:

 • Jun-2015:   added RH70 + RP/RM disks; TM11/TU10 tapes; now complete mass storage system
 • Mar-2015:   use Vivado; Artix-7 ports added (for Basys3 and Nexys4); added RL01/RL02 disks
 • Apr-2013:   new C++/Tcl backend server, w11a designs operate with rlink over USB
 • Jan-2012:   Cypress FX2 USB controller support added, rlink and config over USB.
 • Dec-2011:   Spartan-6 port of w11a added (for Digilent Nexys3 board).
 • Jul-2010:   OpenCores project w11 created; w11a V0.5 tagged and released.
 • May-2010:   w11a systems ported to Digilent Nexys2 board; lots of cleanup.
 • Sep-2009:   2.11BSD UNIX boots to multi-user mode on w11a on FPGA.
 • Aug-2009:   UNIX 5th Edition boots on w11a on FPGA.
 • Jun-2009:   Found 11/70MP system manual on bitsavers. Most of IIST implemented. Too early, but fun.
 • Dec-2008:   Finished the last of three 2.11BSD patches, now 2.11BSD boots of a RK05 disk set and runs on a 11/70 without FPP in simh.
 • Mar-2008:   Full system with CPU, cache, and minimal I/O system runs on FPGA.
 • Sep-2007:   rri (rbus+rlink) implemented, w11a runs on FPGA (Digilent S3BOARD).
 • Sep-2006:   CPU and MMU implemented, simple test codes run.
 • Jun-2006:   Re-discovered a pile of PDP-11 manuals in a forgotten box full of old paper work. This triggered the idea, and with simh, ghdl and bitsavers at hand, 2.11BSD as target OS and a 11/74 picture as desktop background it quickly became a project.


Major releases are tagged on svn, minor releases are denoted only via the svn revision.

Release Date svn tag svn rev README   Comment
 w11a_V0.74   2016-10-15  - 37 README   upgraded CRAM controller; new test bench driver
 w11a_V0.73   2016-06-26  - 36 README   Code cleanup for vivado, more xsim support. Size-configurable cache, better w11a performance.
 w11a_V0.72   2016-03-19  - 35 README   port of w11a to Arty; support for XADC; initial vivado xsim support
 w11a_V0.71   2015-12-30  - 34 README   Add CPU debug and monitoring units (dmhbpt,dmscnt,dmcmon)
 w11a_V0.7   2015-06-21  w11a_V0.7 33 README   from 0.6 -> 0.7: revised rbus protocol; Vivado support; Nexys4 and Basys3 port; RP/RM and RL11 disk and TM11 tape support
 w11a_V0.66   2015-06-05  - 31 README   Support TM11/TU10 tapes
 w11a_V0.65   2015-05-14  - 30 README   Support RH70 + RP/RM big disks
 w11a_V0.64   2015-03-09  - 29 README   Support for Vivado; port of w11a to Basys3 and Nexys4; RL01/RL02 disks
 w11a_V0.63   2015-01-04  - 28 README   w11a rbus interface and C++/Tcl backend now use rlink v4 features, much reduced number of round trips
 w11a_V0.62   2014-12-20  - 27 README   Introduced rlink protocol v4 (see README_Rlink_V4)
 w11a_V0.61   2014-08-10  w11a_V0.61 25 README   Bugfix for DIV instruction (see ECO-026-div); other minor fixes
 w11a_V0.6   2014-06-06  w11a_V0.6 23 README   from 0.5 -> 0.6: revised ibus and rbus protocol; backend server rewritten; Nexys3 port; Cypress Fx2 support; LP11,PC11 support
 w11a_V0.581   2014-05-29  - 22 README   Fixes for ISE 14.7; Spartan-6 CMT support; more man pages
 w11a_V0.58   2013-05-12  - 21 README   LP11,PC11 support added; old backend retired; operating system kits re-organized
 w11a_V0.57   2013-04-27  - 20 README   w11a systems with rlink over USB on nexsy2 and nexsy3 boards
 w11a_V0.562   2013-04-13  - 19 README   Phase 2 of new C++/Tcl backend, add cpu and first device support; add asm-11 assembler
 w11a_V0.561   2013-01-06  - 18 README   Add bugfixes, Cypress FX2 simulation model, and test designs for Nexys3 and Atlys boards
 w11a_V0.56   2013-01-02  - 17 README   Add Cypress FX2 USB interface controller; FX2 firmware supporting jtag access and data transfer; test system for rlink over USB verification
 w11a_V0.55   2011-12-23  - 16 README   Add xon/xoff (software flow control) support to serport library; Add test design for serport verification
 w11a_V0.54   2011-12-04  - 15 README   Add Nexys3 port of w11a
 w11a_V0.532   2011-11-20  - 14 README   Add test design for 'human I/O' interface; migrate to use numeric_std
 w11a_V0.531   2011-09-12  - 12 README   Prepare upcoming support for Spartan-6 (nexys3 and atlys) and Cypress FX2 USB (nexys2/3 and atlys)
 w11a_V0.53   2011-04-17  - 11 README   Introduced new backend written in C++ and Tcl. Phase 1 with functionality to execute simple test benches
 w11a_V0.52   2011-01-02  - 9 README   Introduced rbus protocol V3; reorganize rbus and rlink modules, many renames
 w11a_V0.51   2010-11-28  - 8 README   Introduced ibus protocol V2; Nexys2 systems use DCM; sys_w11a_n2 now runs with 58 MHz
 w11a_V0.5   2010-07-23  w11a_V0.5 7 README   Initial release: w11a CPU core; basic set of peripherals: kw11l, dl11, lp11, pc11, rk11/rk05; two complete systems for Digilent S3BOARD and Nexys2

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