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FPGA Development board, with Altera Cyclone IV E (with expansion connectors) Currently Out-Of-Stock!

ORSoC has designed a Altera FPGA development board for the OpenRISC processor. This board enables easy access to the OpenRISC platform and gives the designer a fast start. The board is shipped with a pre-defined OpenRISC-SoC-design and includes everything to have a OpenRISC processor system up and running in no time.
A VirtualBox-Ubuntu-image is also available with all the tools pre-installed, making sure it's VERY easy to get started. A Linux 3.1 port is also included. This complete package actually turns this FPGA board into a small re-programmable embedded Linux computer that can be instantly be connected to Internet controlling this :-)

The development kit includes the following:
-ALTERA Cyclone IV E, 22K LUT (P/N: EP4CE22F17C6)
-SDRAM 32 Mbyte
-SPI FLASH, 1 Mbyte
-SDIO micro connector
-Fast Ethernet
-USB "on-the-go" HOST/SLAVE
-USB power, configuration, UARTs
-Supply via USB
-Expansion connectors

More information about this product is to be found in the OpenRISC project website,

Price: 149.00 € VAT excluded

VAT will be added to the total price by PayPal (only for destinations in the EU).
If you are a company located inside the EU you are not required to pay VAT, please contact ORSoC directly via for purchases.

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