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Blue-Ray & HD-DVD

Pravin Chopade
Bharati Vidyapeeth University
College of Engg. Pune 43,MS, India

Anil Rahate
Tech Mahindra- BT , UK
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Blue-ray Disc (BD) is a next generation high-density optical disc format that enables recording and playback of digital high-definition (HD) video signals and programs.
BD-ROM format has a huge memory size of 54 GB (dual layer, single side), which is 6 times larger than that of DVD-ROM, and has the potential of becoming an ideal medium to distribute next generation entertainment content from movies and music to computer applications. Standardization of this format is currently underway lead by the Blue-ray Disc Association (BDA). MPEG2-TS, the signal compression technology used in Hi-Vision TV broadcasting, is also used in BD, making it possible to reproduce extremely high resolution HD video images. With the introduction of the latest high-compression code/decode technology (MPEG4-AVC, VC-1), playback of high-quality video images from HD video signals becomes possible even under a low bit-rate environment. On the computer applications front, including video games, the importance of a medium with the capability of storing huge amount of data and programs is becoming greater than ever-more 2-2-2-2 SCEI Adopts Blue-ray Disc ROM for Next Generation PlayStation. The adoption of DVD format in the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system played an important role in accelerating the fusion of music, movies and computer entertainment. The huge installed base of PlayStation 2 has also contributed to the expansion of DVD-Video. Likewise, through the adoption of BD-ROM for the next generation PlayStation, SCEI aims to take part in the development of a new market created by state-of the-art technology.
Development of key devices, including a single optical pick-up that can read data from all three formats of CD, DVD and BD, is already on-going within the Sony Group. Research and development in optical disc technology with even larger storage capacity, as well as mass production technology, are also moving forward with high expectation. With PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PSPTM (PlayStation Portable), SCEI will continue to expand the market and create a new world of computer entertainment.

Front-End LSI for Blue-ray Disc drive system

The Blue-ray Disc front-end ‚ L S I consists of :
photo detector IC for Blue-ray Disc
Laser diode driver IC for Blue-ray Disc
Front end signal processing LSI for Blue-ray Disc
Digital Signal encoder and decoder LSI for Blue-ray Disc

It is a core LSI system that is capable of controlling the Blue-ray Disc system?fs optical pickup and generating the necessary signal for the recording and playback of Blue-ray Disc . Due to its ease of usage, this LSI enables the shortening of the developmental cycle for the Blue-ray Disc driver system.

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