OpenCores: Maintainers

Oliscience maintains the site alive! And this costs time, effort, and money.

*Encourage us!*

Why do we do it?

We believe in the mission of OpenCores to disseminate the knowledge around gateware, and this is why we do our best to empower, promote and develop its vibrant community.

How do we make money?

  • AdSense: advertising banners on the website. [yes, no one likes target ads... including us... but servers are not for free]
  • Premium partners: we sell premium membership to research facilities and academia in order to provide support in making their contribution to the community more prominent; We also guide them through the process of organizing the information and the structure of the IP Cores in a way that facilitates their reuse from the website.

What do we do with the money we make?

  • all the money we earn are currently used to cover for operation costs, maintenance and development
  • we also use part of the revenue to promote the community and create community awareness

The income generated by the AdSense is now currently entirely used to cover the hosting costs. That also ensures basic maintenance budget.

We are promoting the website to being able to further develop and improve it. We put in our time, but we need financial support to cover for such expenses.

About Oliscience


  1. Stewards, maintains, develops, and promotes the OpenCores community.

  2. Is specialized in the design, streamline, documentation and long term support of gateware Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for FPGA, with an eye to scientific applications.

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