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OpenCores offers the possibility for technology companies to advertise on the OpenCores website. The advertising support is handled via Google AdSense service.

OpenCores is the world's largest community portal for development and discussion about Open Source gateware IP (Intellectual Property) Cores. The site is visited by millions of electrical engineers, from all over the world, involved in engineering and development of digital gateware projects. Most of them are in some kind of design phase since they visit and the visitors are often involved in purchase decision regarding: components, tools, technology, etc.

OpenCores offers companies to advertise at We are preferably offering this "marketing place" to companies with a direct relation to electronics engineering, such as companies offering hardware platforms, consultancy services, components manufacturing and distribution, development tools, and more. All those expertise are crucial and vital for all the engineers visiting and browsing OpenCores. This gives the visitors a chance to easily find vendors for their diverse project needs and it gives the companies advertising a significant number of new potential customers.

OpenCores is an global community portal. Engineers from all over the world are visiting daily. We offer targeted regional advertising as well, and based on our broad experience we can advise on appropriate areas for specific products.

Banner advertising is available both on the website and in the monthly newsletter.

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