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OC-site: mail server down [solved]
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 06-Oct-2017
OpenCores email aliases restored
OC-site mail server down
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 01-Oct-2017
OpenCores email aliases currently unavailable
OpenCores breaking news: new ownership
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 22-Sep-2017
Oliscience: took over the development and maintenance of the community portal
OC-site scheduled maintenance [done]
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 03-Sep-2017
OpenCores portal undergone important maintenance
OC-site scheduled maintenance | Sat 02 and Sun 03 September
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 01-Sep-2017
OpenCores portal undergoing important maintenance
OC-site overload disruptions [solved]
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 26-Aug-2017
Mail server overloaded
OC-forums down for unscheduled maintenance [solved]
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 11-Jul-2017
The problem is now solved.

/:/ OC-team
OC-forums down for unscheduled maintenance
posted by OpenCores, Admin on 11-Jul-2017
OC-site: the forums are temporarily down due unscheduled maintenance.
EnSilica and sureCore have announced that EnSilica has developed sureCore’s new, ultra-low power IoT reference platform targeted principally at the development of the next generation of wearable consumer and medical applications.
EnSilica has further expanded its network of specialist design centers with the establishment of a new facility near Oxford (UK) focusing on RF and low power sensing applications. The new facility is headed by Alan Wong, formerly IC Design Director at Frontier Microsystems, and it extends EnSilica's skills-base addressing the needs of wireless connected IoT and wearable products.
EnSilica to provide BaySand’s customers with configurable eSi-RISC processor cores, eSi-Connect processor peripherals, eSi-Crypto encryption and eSi-Comms communications IP solutions as well hardware accelerators
EnSilica and Micrium have partnered to successfully port Micrium’s µC/OS-III® RTOS to EnSilica’s family of eSi-RISC processor cores. Micrium’s µC/OS-III is available on eSi-RISC with immediate effect.
EnSilica has launched the eSi-ECDSA cryptographic IP designed to help meet the high security communication and latency requirements of automotive Car2Car and Car2Infrastructure (Car2x) applications that form part of today’s emerging Intelligent Transport Systems.

is the openMSP430 on its way to SPACE ?
posted by Olivier, Girard on 31-Dec-2014
is the openMSP430 on its way to SPACE ?
First open-source Hybrid Memory Cube controller released
posted by Juri, Schmidt on 30-Sep-2014
openHMC - an open-source Hybrid Memory Cube Controller
ZTEX releases new Artix 7 FPGA Board with USB and DDR3 SDRAM
posted by Stefan, Ziegenbalg on 10-Apr-2014
ZTEX releases USB-FPGA Modules 2.13 with Artix 7 XC7A35T to XC7A100T FPGA, USB 2.0 controller, 256 MByte DDR3 SDRAM and on-board voltage regulators.
ZTEX releases a FPGA Board with largest Artix 7 FPGA
posted by Stefan, Ziegenbalg on 25-Nov-2013
ZTEX releases USB-FPGA Module 2.16 with Artix 7 XC7A200T FPGA, USB 2.0 Controller, on-board voltage regulators and many I/O's.
Abstract — A IDCT architecture is designed for

multistandard inverse transform. The proposed

architecture is used in multistandard decoder

of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.264/AVC and

VC-1. Two circuits share strategies, factor

share (FS) and adder share (AS), are applied

to the inverse transform architecture for saving

its circuit resource. Finally, the architecture is

extended as 2-D using registers as row to column


Keywords — Circuit share, high-definition

video, multistandard inverse transform, multi-

standard, IDCT, reconfigurable architecture
open hardware survey
posted by Andres, Cicuttin on 21-May-2012
This is an invitation to participate to a survey on an open hardware initiative for sciintific purposes in line with UNESCO mission. The results will be share with all participants and will be used to raise awarnes of new ways of open collaboration and project sustainability in line with opencores' spirit.
Many thanks,
Andres Cicuttin,
Technical Assistant
The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is an annual event on free software taking place in july in France since 2000. The LSM meeting is organized this year in Geneva, Switzerland from 7th to 12th July. Amongst several tracks, the Libre Software Meeting will feature an « Embedded Systems and Open Hardware » track, for which the call for presentations has been released recently.
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