close your bugs campaign and other fresh news


Dear community members,

If you have a "full account" this news is especially relevant for you, if not... consider upgrading by sending us an email!

In all cases you can read about the "close and submit your bugs" campaign further down in this news item.

We recently worked on revising and improving your public/private/extended profile.

The extended profile was an attempt (in the good spirit of OC-legacy awkwardness™️) to make OC-user profiles more complete, giving the opportunity to highlight more in-depth expertise (long before other social media came to life). We think it is still a valuable tool in our very specialized community, so we encourage you to fill it in and let us know what you think! The profile can also be updated and linked to other social media channels now, if you use them. Click the help button in the profile menu to read further about options.

Further on updates, you can now better select what you display or hide from the "public profile" view. In the "public view" you can get a quick at-a-glance overview of your (or of other users) project(s), forum activity, and submitted bugs.

Concerning bugs: did you know that OC-projects had a rudimentary (and poorly used, in the good spirit of OC-legacy awkwardness™️) bug tracker?

We challenge you to go for a "close your bugs" campaign... or "submit your bugs" campaign!

By doing so you will slowly gain credits and credibility in the community and standout more among the users. We are planning to introduce some fun rewarding system in the coming months... and clever bug reporting/solving will play a role in your scores!

Remember: a good IP Core has bugs found, reported... and fixed!

We are planning to provide better bug tracking possibilities in the coming future, so keep an eye on that section of your project(s)!

Have you got any further question or you want to give us feedback? Please get in touch with us:

We hope you'll enjoy and make good use of the tools!

Best, /:/ OC-team

Posted Jul 10, 2019 by Admin, OpenCores