OC-site: updated handling of the project page


Dear community members,

First of all: Happy New Gregorian year!

The OC-team started 2019 with renewed energy and the motivation to take our website and community one step further.

We are planning lots of activities and are already actively working on setting up new collaborations which will help us achieving our goals. We are also strengthening the ones with Nikhef and ASTRON with the hope to offer better quality content.

In parallel to those activities we invested again some time and effort to improve the user experience on our site.

We are pleased to announce that the project description page is now based on markdown syntax and it can be parsed (optionally) directly from a residing in the svn repo.

The handling and linking of images got also simplified as you now can link to images stored in svn as well. For site consistency we decided to still keep the "Downloads" (which is in fact also "Uploads", in the good spirit of OC legacy awkwardness™️), and you could also store your images there as you did in the past.

For backward compatibility all the old project pages written in html will remain unchanged until a maintainer clicks the edit button and saves the page. The translation from html to markdown is automatically done by us for you, at that moment. The new editor comes with basic syntax support, and we are confident that stack exchange will fill the remaining gaps.

We hope you will take advantage of the new features and make your project overview more captivating, and easier to grasp after a quick read!

Remember: a good IP Core requires equally good documentation!

For further information please refer to: [still in the making as we announce the feature]

Have you got any further question or you want to give us feedback? Please get in touch with us:

We hope you'll enjoy!

Best, /:/ OC-team

Posted Jan 25, 2019 by Admin, OpenCores