iwave's FPGA replaces 80186/ X86 obsolescence

by iwavesystems on 2007-01-19
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iWave Systems, a leading FPGA IP provider licences its 80186 IP Cores to companies developing FPGA products and to industries using 80186 processor. It is a boom to the industries which uses 16 bit, 80186 processor as the user need not change their software code as it is fully software compatible to X86 Standard in case of processor obsolesce. This cost-effective is a perfect alternative for replacing older parts that are no longer manufactured, 80186 and ASICs.

Mr.Abdullah Khan, Director Engineering says the core advantage of using these cores is quick migration of the 80186 designs to an FPGA Platform. High FPGA integration enables low BOM Cost and smaller board design. The support to retarget and merge the external peripherals and traditional custom old ASICs. The system performance is enhanced with increased operating frequency and integration.

This 80186 core is an excellent choice for embedded applications aimed to cater the growing needs of industrial, Automotive and communication system solutions. The frequency of operation of this core is 33 MHz. This core is exchangeable with the similar parts from manufacturers such as Intel, NEC and AMD.

X86 core has a broad set of integrated peripherals, which helps reduce system development time and cost and is compatible with wide range of compilers and debuggers. These include Memory and peripheral Bus interfaces, Multi protocol serial controller, four DMA channels, PCI Host/Master/ Target controllers, multiple timers, a programmable interrupt controller, a memory refresh unit, programmable DRAM controller, variable-rate asynchronous serial ports, flexible chip select unit, and a peripherals control block with advanced power management.

iWave Systems assures low cost design with easy licensing and technical support. It has dedicated to work with additional peripherals. X86 cores with low power consumption combined with high code density yields some of the lowest power systems imaginable that reduce heat dissipation and conserve battery life in portable products

The core application involves quick migration of 80186 based design to an FPGA Platform, Deliver retrofit of existing systems, maintaining its I/O Compatibility. It is delivered with RTL Verilog synthesizable code, comprehensive Test Environment, Technical Support and Maintenance.

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iWave Systems Technologies is an embedded Hardware and Software Turnkey Design Services company, focused on providing integrated solutions for developing innovative products and systems in the areas of Communication, Consumer electronics and Multimedia. iWave offers complete turnkey solutions for system engineering and product development.

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