The computer is broken down: with which to address itself?

by engrmoro on 2007-07-03
The home computer or the portable is broken down and the attempts at breakdown service failed: what to make? The computer of the student son or family computer PC functions since months and the whole family is satisfied. But one fine day, the computer “plants”. Then animated goodwill, each member of the family tries to solve the problem. Each one heard, at the office, the school, faculty or during discussions between friends who there is a manner of repairing the computer. After several attempts and some arguments the recalcitrant computer does not want to start again. Then how to make? The first reflex consists in getting information to the salesman working in the store in which you bought the computer. But this track is limited insofar as the salesmen are seldom data processing specialists. Then try to call the hotline of the manufacturer. Good courage! A little like the hotline the telephone operators, it is not rare to have patience a few minutes before obtaining a conversation with a person who alas does not know any more than you on the problem. It any more but does not remain you to ask for the services of the company technology support division of specialized in the data-processing breakdown service. The data-processing breakdown service is an activity in full rise, would be this only by the always increasing sales of computer equipement. It is certain that in the event of material breakdown, it will be necessary to turn over the computer to the store for an exchange or the seat of the manufacturer. But in the event of software breakdown, the break-down mechanic in computer equipement will be able to find the answer. The tariffs of these companies specialized in the data-processing breakdown service are variable. Some propose the fixed price, more running, others practise the system of subscription in certain cases. Another interesting solution to try to repair your computer equipement: since it is broken down, to a knowledge, a neighbor or a cybercafé and you connect return on a treating forum of data processing. You will read certainly subjects concerning the same problem that you meet and will undoubtedly obtain the response to lower cost. But if you hope one day to use the services of companies specialized in the computer equipement breakdown service of, take care to note their addresses before breaking down!
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