A 446.6K-gates 0.55–1.2V H.265/HEVC decoder for next generation video applications

by chtsai0305 on 2014-12-31
An architecture of H.265/HEVC video decoder for next generation video applications is presented. By exploiting near-lossless data compression and Sharing Above Line Buffer (SALB) schemes, both memory bandwidth and on-chip storage can be reduced. Moreover, cross-stage scheduling is applied to the 4-stage decoding pipeline to minimize idle computations. Fabricated in 90nm 1P9M CMOS process, the test chip of the proposed H.265/HEVC video decoder occupies an area of 1.60×1.98mm2 to achieve 1080p@30fps and 720p@30fps realtime decoding with power consumption of 36.90 and 9.57mW.
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