OpenCores announces new partnership with ASTRON

OpenCores announces new partnership with ASTRON

ASTRON becomes an OpenCores partner to speed up the process of engineering their tools for science

Amsterdam, 18 June

Last week Wednesday, a representative from Oliscience visited ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (, for the official signature ceremony.

As announced earlier by the institute itself on its own news page, more effort will be put in the participation and support to the community by the digital designers team of the laboratory.

"Nowadays, programming gateware IP Cores is a very complicated task and only specialised electrical engineers can do this" said Daniel van der Schuur, digital design engineer at ASTRON. "That is why we benefit from working together on an online portal as OpenCores; here we can effectively share our designs to avoid effort duplication and foster reuse and distribution in the spirit of Free and Open Source."

The aim of the OpenCores community, consisting of scientific institutions and industrial enterprises, is clearly in line with the ambitions of ASTRON, which mission is first and foremost to design instruments for scientific experiments, but also to valorize and disseminate knowledge. Being part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), ASTRON is the second NWO-I institute joining this innovative initiative, the first one being Nikhef earlier last year. ASTRON and Nikhef strongly believe in the value of Oliscience and its mission to empower the OpenCores portal and community.

"I am very happy that ASTRON is now a partner of OpenCores," says Andrea Borga, CEO of Oliscience. "FPGA-based technology and gateware engineering is clearly a multidisciplinary field of development, so I am delighted to see that engineers from Nikhef and ASTRON can provide cross-application platforms and further collaborate on the underlying technologies essential for their respective scientific discoveries. This leaves to OpenCores the task to provide and run the appropriate infrastructure, allowing institutions to focus on their technical work. We really hope that this trend of support will continue with more institutions and companies coming together on our community portal."

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