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"Out of all of the sites we have used to date, OpenCores has been one of our best results when targeting embedded software and hardware developers,
we look forward to using them again in the future."
, July 2009, Jason Mayes, Senior Web Development Engineer, XMOS.

OpenCores offer the possibility for technology companies to advertise at the OpenCores website.

OpenCores is the world's largest site/community for development/discussion of open source hardware IPs. The site is visited by millions of electrical engineers, from all over the world, involved in development projects. Most of them are in some kind of design phase since they visit and the visitors are often involved in purchase decision regarding, components, tools, technology, etc.

OpenCores offers companies to advertise at
We are preferably offer this "marketing place" to companies with a direct relation to electronic development - companies offering components, tools, technologies etc which is useful for all the engineers visiting OpenCores. This gives the visitors a chance to easy find vendors for their projects and it gives the companies advertising a huge number of new potential customers.

OpenCores is an global site/community. Engineers from all over the world are visiting The highest numbers of visitors are from US, Asia and Europe.
We offer advertising for specific regions.

Banner advertising is available both at the website and in the monthly newsletter

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Banner advertising at OpenCores website Banner advertising in OpenCores Newsletter

Please contact us for more information and media kit.

Contact person: Johan Rilegård
Email: advertising[@]
Phone: +46 70 824 80 30

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