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1.8.0 Announcement

New OpenTech release is available with new and updated Tools and Designs. More than 10 Books in the electronics design fields are available in this release.

1.6.1 Announcement

The new OpenTech release is available starting from Novemeber 15, 2006 with 10 CDs and more than 350 free hardware design and 300 software tool.
Starting from this release open books, free tutorials and documents will be included.
This includes topics like, wireless, VLSI, VHDL, and basic electronics.

1.6.0 Announcement

* OpenTech 1.6.0 (the 12th release in 6 years) is ready with 7 CDs with design tools and open source hardware designs besides the OpenCores projects
* Extra Partners joined the OpenSupport program to support OpenTech users such as

1.5.1 Announcements

- We are currently searching for free (or open source) documentation, books, tutorials or study materials to include them in the future releases of OpenTech

- OpenTech 1.5.1 (the 11th release in 6 years) is ready with 7 CDs which include one extra tools CD and live Documentation of the software tools

- We are looking for local distributors of OpenTech

- OpenTech Network started to provide links and information about OpenTech tools and designs and increase the cooperation with the developers

- Extra Partners joined the OpenSupport program to increase the support to OpenTech users

1.5.0 Announcements

We are proudly announce the 10th release (1.5.0) of OpenTech package

OpenTech is the first Open source EDA tools and open source hardware designs distribution package.

The new release contains more than 260 open source EDA tools and 200 Open source Hardware designs.

The new release has not only new programs and designs but also some new changes and services

- Prices of different packages and subscriptions are changed due to the increase of tools and designs which lead to increase of the number of CDs. Refer to the site for price information
Special prices are available for orders from Germany or Middle east and north Africa. Information will be provided upon request.

- OpenTech started a support program for some of OpenTech designs and tools to increase their use in the electronics community and trying to provide a complete solution for developers to use open source. For more information check the OpenSupport corner. (Balloon board) is the first project that is cooperating with OpenTech program.
The Balloon is a small, light, low-power, high performance, ARM-based board
with sufficient IO for many projects built-in
(CF/USB/LCD/IO/Serial/Smartmedia/Audio). It is intended to be used as a
computing component to put into your particular project by adding add any
special hardware you need via the expansion bus which brings out nearly
every signal on the board. It is already used in a number of commercial
projects, and can be built in a number of configurations.

Available from stock (in the 'guralp' configuration) from Aleph One Ltd:
Other configurations can be built to order.

OpenTech package contains all the information needed to implement the board and the software to run on it. OpenTech EDA software or tools that can be used to develop the board will be recommended in cooperation with balloon board group.
New CDROM will be dedicated to Balloon system in the near future.

- (Elphel Inc.) is a new partner that offers Open source high resolution network Cameras. The whole design and software will be included in the next release of OpenTech.

- OpenTech starts cooperating with (Handasa Arabia organization)
For information about this cooperation visit

- Consulting program for selecting open source tools and designs will be available for fees. Contact the maintainer for more information

Local Distributors

OpenTech introduced,opentech,local_distributors (Local distributors) in some countries


New OpenTech release is available with new and updated Tools, Designs and Books.

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