10_100_1000 Mbps tri-mode ethernet MAC

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trunk doesn't compile successfully with testbench -- missing ports, etc. (older versions seem to not have this problem) #20
Open rishi_kurichh opened this issue about 11 years ago
rishi_kurichh commented about 11 years ago

if the trunk is not being worked on, can it be reverted to a working version? seems like the testbench tb_top and the top-level mac_top are out of sync in port definitions etc as well as other missing ports in the entities instantiated by mac_top.

i looked at older versions and it appears this is in the trunk version but older versions may be fine.

if it is currently being worked on, does the latest release compile/verify correctly or is that just the latest trunk? can you point me to the last working version?

thanks for your help.

rishi_kurichh commented about 11 years ago

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