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proper versioning of sources in SVN #1
Closed ocadmin opened this issue over 1 year ago— assigned to: howe.r.j.89Idea
ocadmin commented over 1 year ago

Dear Richard,

Thanks for sharing your core with us! Could you consider adding the sources directly to the svn repo instead of the zip archive you currently have? This makes tracking of changes to the project much more effective.

Best, /:/OC-team

howe.r.j.89 was assigned over 1 year ago
howe.r.j.89 commented over 1 year ago

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion,

I've added the sources directly now, so I will close this issue shortly if there are no other problems or recommendations?

Thanks again,

Richard Howe.

howe.r.j.89 closed this over 1 year ago