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Arbitration lost #25
Open cheevu opened this issue over 13 years ago
cheevu commented over 13 years ago

Dear Sir,

In I2C master I am using 34 MHz as system frequency and 3.4Mbps data rate for transmission. Calculated prescale value is 1. If I use this value, arbitration lost is occurring. Is it possible to use 34MHz frequency at 3.4Mbps data rate? Suggest me how can I work on prescale value with 34MHz frequency. This problem is happening in simulation.

cheevu commented over 13 years ago

Dear Sir, I am not using multi master I2C. I am using only one master and slave.

rherveille commented over 13 years ago

There can be many reasons for an arbitration lost.

If there is only 1 master and 1 slave, then why are you in such a hurry? Why do you run the i2c bus at 3.4Mbps?

Did you provide the pull-up resistors on SCL and SDA?


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