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Missing files of memory modules #3
Closed patrick opened this issue almost 14 years ago
patrick commented almost 14 years ago

Dear all,

When I tried to do synthesis, it fails.

The following files are missing. They should be located out of the project directory priginally by the designer. These files are also called in "\minirisc\trunk\sim\run" for simulation in NC-Verilog.

	../../generic_memories/rtl/verilog/generic_spram.v	\

In "\minirisc\trunk\verilog\core\register_file.v" (line 109),

generic_dpram #(7,8) rf0( .rclk( clk ), .rrst( rst ), .rce( 1'b1 ), .oe( 1'b1 ), .raddr( rd_addr ), .do( rf_rd_data_mem ), .wclk( clk ), .wrst( rst ), .wce( 1'b1 ), .we( rf_we ), .waddr( wr_addr ), .di( rf_wr_data ) );

In "\minirisc\trunk\verilog\core\risc_core_top.v" (line 175),

generic_spram #(11,12) imem( .clk( clk ), .rst( rst_in ), .ce( 1'b1 ), .we( 1'b0 ), .oe( 1'b1 ), .addr( inst_addr ), .di( 12'h0 ), .do( inst_data ) );



rudi closed this almost 14 years ago
rudi commented almost 14 years ago

These memories are not part of the MiniRisk project.

Neddy11 commented about 12 years ago

yes, missing generic_dpram.v and generic_spram,

No one