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Artifacts at the right side of the Jpeg #15
Open dejay opened this issue almost 5 years agoBug
dejay commented almost 5 years ago

Hi, I compressed a completly blue image with the Jpeg Core and the resulting picture shows a vertical red line at the right side of the image. The line is round about 6 pixels from the image border and heavily depends on the choosen compression. If i use the table without any compression, there are no artifacts at the right boarder and with increasing compression, the artifacts get more and more. The blue screen was generated by a testpattern generator inside the fpga so i think the "original" image could not be cause these artifacts.

Is it possible to post the image here?

There are any idea what part of the core can cause this behavior?

dejay commented almost 5 years ago

Sorry i forgott to mention that I can see this artifacts also in a live picture but there it is no red line instead the picture looks like kind of "perforated". If i zoom into the picture i can see there the RGB colors.

Thank you for your help.