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Bug in scan phase with different Family IDs #1
Closed datacon opened this issue 7 months ago
datacon commented 7 months ago

Hi there, the core is working fine unless it is used together with devices with different family IDs. In detail, it can only handle even or odd IDs together. In other words, using devices with family IDs 0xE4, 0x12 and 0x7C will work, but when using family IDs 0xE4, 0x12 and 0x71, it only finds the 0x71 and cancels the scan afterwards. I know the core was meant to be used with the DS1820, but anyway I see it as a bug, because some ID combinations are working and some of them are not. I've included two screenshots of simulations for proving the bug. Thank you, regards, Harald

datacon commented 7 months ago

Simulation ok:

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