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Closed ocadmin opened this issue over 1 year ago— assigned to: tobilrequest
ocadmin commented over 1 year ago

Is this project still somehow maintained? And how far did it branch off from the initial OpenRISC 1200 implementation?

Best, /:/ OC-team

tobil was assigned over 1 year ago
tobil commented over 1 year ago

Hi oc-honks,

is this a bug or a question - very unprofessional !!!

This project is still maintained and questions\bug reports are answered.

It is functional equivalent to the OpenRISC 1200 implementation - simple as that.

cheers, Tobias

tobil closed this over 1 year ago
ocadmin commented over 1 year ago

Thanks for the clarification Tobias.

Best, /:/ OC-team

tobil commented over 1 year ago

Please us the bugtracker for bugs and email for trivial questions like this.

Always read the doc before asking. Thank you for you professionalism.