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OR32 assembler cannot generate DWARF2 line debug info sections #128
Closed jeremybennett opened this issue about 9 years ago— assigned to: jeremybennettBug
jeremybennett commented about 9 years ago
<p> The OR32 assembler cannot generate DWARF2 debug info. That is it does not support the following directives correctly: .file .loc, .loc_mark_labels. </p> <p> These directives probably generate incorrect information, rather than not being implemented, since the effect is that GDB behaves incorrectly, rather than complaining about invalid or missing information. <p> <p> This functionality is required for more compact DWARF2 debug tables from GCC. However GCC can work without this functionality, so it has been disabled in the current OR32 GCC. </p> <p> Jeremy </p> <p> -- <br /> Tel: +44 (1590) 610184<br /> Cell: +44 (7970) 676050<br /> SkypeID: jeremybennett<br /> Email: <a href=""></a><br /> Web: <a href=""></a> </p>
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<p> Transferred to OpenRISC bugzilla (<a href="">Bug 25</a>). </p> <p> Marking closed in this bugtracker. </p>
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