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ocadmin commented over 1 year ago

Dear Jamie, </br> First of all: thanks for contributing! You seem to be running a cute and interesting initiative, very instructive and educational.</br> The link on the project description is broken, as you have the "," in the url.</br> Adding a link to and perhaps some extracted info form it, would really help users to understand what you are sharing.</br> In general we try to advise our users to be more than just " subversion just contains irregular snapshots" because we are putting constant effort to make sure we provide quality content on our portal.</br> I hope you will consider our feedback, we would really appreciate it, and so will our community.</br> Share on!</br> Best,</br> /:/ OC-team

jamieiles was assigned over 1 year ago
jamieiles commented over 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback. I've updated the URL and will add more details.

As for version control, more than happy to have be a canonical source, but that really needs to involve git hosting - the project is using git submodules, git hashes for build ID's etc. If you can add git hosting then I'd love to have full revision history at

ocadmin commented over 1 year ago

Excellent Jamie. </br> We are looking into lots of shiny new features for the future upgrades of the site, and GIT is something we are seriously considering. </br> We will close this ticket as you have fixed what we requested.</br> Best,</br> /:/ OC-team

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