FPGA remote slow control via UART 16550

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The importance of feedback! #1
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Hey people, we are having timid but encouraging download statistics and private feedback. But please do us a great favor: give us public tangible feedback!

  • what are you using the core for?
  • is it useful? or not running at all?
  • things that you liked and did not about it?
  • is documentation sufficient and of any use?

Feedback is good for designers: it challenges improvements, sharing of ideas, and increase satisfaction. And it is rewarding, even if negative!

Open source designers are ready to share, so why would users who benefit from this, restrain comments, critics or compliments?

Bare in mind that feedback is fundamental to prove the relevance and impact on people and society of open source projects promoted by public institutions. And there are quite a few people with this concern!

A designer should shift gear and unleash his will for sharing. Users should learn how crucial feedback is.

This simple idea can boost this community a lot.

Think about it and help us!


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