USB 1.1 Host and Function IP core

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usb slave does not provide complete response to device descriptor request after address is assigned #4
Open martin_green opened this issue almost 8 years ago
martin_green commented almost 8 years ago

The device getDescriptor request in slave mode is answered in for endpoint 0, with (setup, in (nak 3 times), in 18 bytes data out nak 41 times, out ack. Then set address setup in 14 naks in ack, then getDescriptor setup, in 4 naks then in which has an error, if I drill into the in transaction it has in, data1 packet with the data I want to send, then no ACK.

I have tried as much as I can think of in the VHDL and C code, I have made some changes to the vhdl to fix certain issues, but this one seems to be pretty tough. Any idea of what is happening would be really appreciated.

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