About the OpenCores webshop

OpenCores webshop promote and sell all kinds of cool technical stuff we think will appeal to OpenCores visitors. A section of these products will be related to electronic development, and some will just be “nice to have things” for all of us who like cool technical toys.

We will continuously add more products to the shop.

OpenCores gets a lot of requests from different companies asking us to promote their products. We believe a webshop is a good way of doing this. When you buy things in the webshop you also support the OpenCores organisation, which is highly appreciated.
All products available at the site are shipped and supported by the company developing it.


The OpenCores webshop payment procedure is handled by PayPal. They provide a reliable and trustworthy channel for handling payments. By using PayPal OpenCores never directly deals with things such as credit card numbers. We'll only need your shipping address.

We will accept all credit cards for payment via PayPal.


Products are shipped within 3 working days of payment. Shipping time, depending on your location is typically 4-10 working days.


Some products have the shipment cost included in the unit price, some specify it separately.


All prices are without VAT/GST.
VAT/GST costs depend on local import laws and will be calculated when the destination shipping country is selected during payment.

Support in purchase procedure:

If support is required during any stage of purchasing, please send an email to

Would you like to sell your products via OpenCores webshop?

OpenCores webshop offer a service to promote technical products from different vendors from all over the world. If you think you have products suitable for the OpenCores webshop, please contact us at
OpenCores webshop is a great promotion window for your products and we also help you handle the payment procedure.

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