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$fdisplay(wb_m_mon_log_file_desc, " Only ERRONEOUS conditions are logged !");
$fdisplay(wb_m_mon_log_file_desc, " ");
`ifdef VCD
// Reset pulse
wb_rst = 1'b1;
#423 wb_rst = 1'b0;
1,6 → 1,9
ifeq ($(VCD), 1)
mkdir -p ../build/sim
mkdir -p ../log
iverilog -stb_ethernet -cicarus.scr -o ../build/sim/ethmac.elf
iverilog -stb_ethernet -cicarus.scr $(ICARUS_OPTIONS) -o ../build/sim/ethmac.elf
vvp ../build/sim/ethmac.elf
49,8 → 49,10
Go to the scripts directory and write "make rtl-tests"
All logs will be saved in the log directory
VCD dumps are coming soon
To activate VCD dumps, run with "make rtl-tests VCD=1". The VCD is saved
in build/sim/ethmac.vcd
RUNNING the simulation/Testbench in ModelSIM:
Open ModelSIM project: ethernet/sim/rtl_sim/modelsim_sim/bin/ethernet.mpf

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