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# Assembles a test file and then produces a disassembly of it.
# make depends
# Doesn't work. Dependencies are currently all hand coded.
# make optest
# make tags
# make install
# Attempts to copy zasm, zpp and zdump to the install directory,
# defined herein
# Creator: Dan Gisselquist, Ph.D.
49,11 → 51,15
PROGRAMS= zasm optest zdump zpp
PROGRAMS= zasm zdump zpp
INSTALLD= ../install/cross-tools/bin
.PHONY: programs
all: $(OBJDIR)/ programs
install: zasm zdump zpp
cp $^ $(INSTALLD)/
programs: $(PROGRAMS)
$(OBJDIR)/zpp.cpp: zpp.l
79,9 → 85,6
zasm: $(OBJDIR)/zparser.o $(OBJDIR)/zopcodes.o $(OBJDIR)/twoc.o
$(CXX) -o $@ $(CCFLAGS) $^
optest: optest.cpp zopcodes.cpp twoc.cpp twoc.h zopcodes.h
$(CXX) $(CCFLAGS) optest.cpp zopcodes.cpp twoc.cpp -o optest
ZDMPSRC= zdump.cpp zopcodes.cpp twoc.cpp
ZDMPOBJ= $(addprefix $(OBJDIR)/,$(subst .cpp,.o,$(ZDMPSRC)))
zdump: $(ZDMPOBJ)

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