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`include "ethmac_defines.v"
module ethmac
  // WISHBONE common
  wb_clk_i, wb_rst_i, wb_dat_i, wb_dat_o,
  // WISHBONE slave
  wb_adr_i, wb_sel_i, wb_we_i, wb_cyc_i, wb_stb_i, wb_ack_o, wb_err_o,
  // WISHBONE master
  m_wb_adr_o, m_wb_sel_o, m_wb_we_o,
  m_wb_dat_o, m_wb_dat_i, m_wb_cyc_o,
  m_wb_stb_o, m_wb_ack_i, m_wb_err_i,
  m_wb_cti_o, m_wb_bte_o,
  mtx_clk_pad_i, mtxd_pad_o, mtxen_pad_o, mtxerr_pad_o,
  mrx_clk_pad_i, mrxd_pad_i, mrxdv_pad_i, mrxerr_pad_i, mcoll_pad_i, mcrs_pad_i,
  // MIIM
  mdc_pad_o, md_pad_i, md_pad_o, md_padoe_o,
  // Bist
`ifdef ETH_BIST
  // debug chain signals
  mbist_si_i,       // bist scan serial in
  mbist_so_o,       // bist scan serial out
  mbist_ctrl_i        // bist chain shift control
parameter Tp = 1;
// WISHBONE common
input           wb_clk_i;     // WISHBONE clock
input           wb_rst_i;     // WISHBONE reset
input   [31:0]  wb_dat_i;     // WISHBONE data input
output  [31:0]  wb_dat_o;     // WISHBONE data output
output          wb_err_o;     // WISHBONE error output
// WISHBONE slave
input   [11:2]  wb_adr_i;     // WISHBONE address input
input    [3:0]  wb_sel_i;     // WISHBONE byte select input
input           wb_we_i;      // WISHBONE write enable input
input           wb_cyc_i;     // WISHBONE cycle input
input           wb_stb_i;     // WISHBONE strobe input
output          wb_ack_o;     // WISHBONE acknowledge output
// WISHBONE master
output  [31:0]  m_wb_adr_o;
output   [3:0]  m_wb_sel_o;
output          m_wb_we_o;
input   [31:0]  m_wb_dat_i;
output  [31:0]  m_wb_dat_o;
output          m_wb_cyc_o;
output          m_wb_stb_o;
input           m_wb_ack_i;
input           m_wb_err_i;
wire    [29:0]  m_wb_adr_tmp;
output   [2:0]  m_wb_cti_o;   // Cycle Type Identifier
output   [1:0]  m_wb_bte_o;   // Burst Type Extension
// Tx
input           mtx_clk_pad_i; // Transmit clock (from PHY)
output   [3:0]  mtxd_pad_o;    // Transmit nibble (to PHY)
output          mtxen_pad_o;   // Transmit enable (to PHY)
output          mtxerr_pad_o;  // Transmit error (to PHY)
// Rx
input           mrx_clk_pad_i; // Receive clock (from PHY)
input    [3:0]  mrxd_pad_i;    // Receive nibble (from PHY)
input           mrxdv_pad_i;   // Receive data valid (from PHY)
input           mrxerr_pad_i;  // Receive data error (from PHY)
// Common Tx and Rx
input           mcoll_pad_i;   // Collision (from PHY)
input           mcrs_pad_i;    // Carrier sense (from PHY)
// MII Management interface
input           md_pad_i;      // MII data input (from I/O cell)
output          mdc_pad_o;     // MII Management data clock (to PHY)
output          md_pad_o;      // MII data output (to I/O cell)
output          md_padoe_o;    // MII data output enable (to I/O cell)
output          int_o;         // Interrupt output
// Bist
`ifdef ETH_BIST
input   mbist_si_i;       // bist scan serial in
output  mbist_so_o;       // bist scan serial out
input [`ETH_MBIST_CTRL_WIDTH - 1:0] mbist_ctrl_i;       // bist chain shift control
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