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# File:        Makefile
# Author:      David Burnette 
# Created:     July 5, 2007
# Description: 
#  Makefile to build the System09 by John Kent
#  This makefile will build John Kent's entire System09 project 
#  (RTL synthesis and monitor ROMs) and even download the final 
#  bitstream to the prototype board.
#  You can use Xilinx ISE interactively to add new RTL source files
#  to this project.
# Usage:
#  Use 'make help' to get a list of options.
# Dependencies:
#  Depends on makefile fragments in the 'MKFRAGS' directory.
# Revision History:
#   dgb  2007-07-05  Original version
#   dgb  2008-04-07  Split out files into fragments. Modified
#                    ROM source generation to be per src directory.

MKFRAGS := ../../mkfiles
export MKFRAGS

BRAM_TYPE := b16
export BRAM_TYPE

# User-modifiable variables
# This name must match the name of the design in Xilinx ISE (case
# sensitive). 
DESIGN_NAME := system09
# Constraint file (unfortunately it cannot be extracted from ISE)
UCF_FILE    := system09.ucf
# Technology family (unfortunately it cannot be extracted from ISE)
FAMILY      := spartan6

MAP_FLAGS := $(INTSTYLE) -w -logic_opt off -ol high -t 1 -xt 0 -register_duplication off -r 4 -global_opt off -mt off -ir off -pr b -lc off -power off
PAR_FLAGS := $(INTSTYLE) -ol high -mt off

# List of ROM VHDL files
.PHONY: roms
        @$(MAKE) -C ../../Tools/as09
        @$(MAKE) -C ../../Tools/s19tovhd
        @$(MAKE) -C ../../src/sys09bug sys09atl.vhd
        @$(MAKE) -C ../../src/Flex9 flex9ram.vhd

# You should not need to edit anything below this line

# XESS Tools
ifeq "$(findstring CYGWIN_NT,$(shell uname -s))" "CYGWIN_NT"
XESSPATH := $(shell cygpath "$(XSTOOLS_BIN_DIR)")
XSLOAD     := "$(XESSPATH)/xsload.exe"

include ../../mkfiles/


.PHONY: all
all: bit 

.PHONY: bit
bit: roms $(DESIGN_NAME).bit

.PHONY: impact
impact: roms bit do_impact

prom: roms $(DESIGN_NAME).mcs

.PHONY: impact
impact: $(DESIGN_NAME).bit $(DESIGN_NAME)_impact.cmd
        @$(ECHO) "======= Downloading bitstream using Impact ============"
        $(IMPACT) -batch $(DESIGN_NAME)_impact.cmd

.PHONY: help
        @$(ECHO) "Use this Makefile to regenerate the entire System09 bitstream"
        @$(ECHO) "after modifying any of the source RTL or 6809 assembler code."
        @$(ECHO) ""
        @$(ECHO) "This makefile uses the following project files from the Xilinx ISE"
        @$(ECHO) "   $(XST_FILE)"
        @$(ECHO) ""
        @$(ECHO) "You use Xilinx ISE interactively to add new RTL source files."
        @$(ECHO) ""
        @$(ECHO) "            Availiable targets"
        @$(ECHO) "  For building all or part of the system:"
        @$(ECHO) "    roms      - Run asm09 and then generate the VHDL RTL rom files"
        @$(ECHO) "    bit       - Rebuild the entire system and generate the bitstream file"
        @$(ECHO) "    all       - Rebuild everything"
        @$(ECHO) "    prom      - Rebuild the entire system and generate an MCS prom file"
        @$(ECHO) "    exo       - Rebuild the entire system and generate an EXO prom file"
        @$(ECHO) "  For downloading the bitstream to the board:"
        @$(ECHO) "    impact    - Download the bitstream to the FPGA via iMPACT"
        @$(ECHO) "  For project maintenance:"
        @$(ECHO) "    help      - Print this help text"
        @$(ECHO) "    clean     - Clean up the ISE files"
        @$(ECHO) "    cleanall  - Clean up the ISE files and the Tools directories"
        @$(ECHO) ""

.PHONY: clean
        -$(MAKE) -C ../../src/sys09bug clean
        -$(MAKE) -C ../../src/Flex9 clean
        -$(RM) *.cfi *_bitgen.xwbt *.ncd *.ngc *.ngd *.twr *.bit *.mcs *.stx *.ucf.untf *.mrp *.ptwx *
        -$(RM) *.ncl *.ngm *.prm *_pad.txt *.twx *.log *.syr *.par *.exo *.xpi *.xrpt *.xml
        -$(RM) *.cmd_log *.ngr *.bld *_summary.html *.nc1 *.pcf *.bgn tmp.ut
        -$(RM) *.pad *.placed_ncd_tracker *.routed_ncd_tracker *_pad.csv *.drc
        -$(RM) *.pad_txt *.unroutes $(DESIGN_NAME)_vhdl.prj
        -$(RM) par_usage_statistics.html $(DESIGN_NAME)_envsettings.html usage_statistics_webtalk.html impact.xsl impact_impact.xwbt
        -$(RMDIR) _ngo _xmsgs xst xlnx_auto_0_xdb xst_tmp_dirs iseconfig system09_xdb

.PHONY: cleanall
cleanall: clean
        -$(MAKE) -C ../../Tools/as09 clean
        -$(MAKE) -C ../../Tools/s19tovhd clean

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