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This project is maintained by the DraMCo research group\footnote{\url{}} of KAHO Sint-Lieven\footnote{\url{}}, part of the KU Leuven association\footnote{\url{}}.
The base design for this IP core is written by Geoffrey Ottoy, member of the DraMCo research group. Further adjustments have been made by Jonas De Craene.
%\addtocontents{toc}{Document Revision History}
\chapter*{Document Revision History} 
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Document Revision History}
	\textbf{Revision} & \textbf{Date} & \textbf{By} & \textbf{Description} \\
	0	& November 2012	& JDC	& First draft of this specification\\
	1.0 & November 2012	& JDC	& Added sections ``Acknowledgement'' and ``Performance and resource usage'' as well as different fonts for \textit{variables} and \verb|signal_names|\\
	1.1 & November 2012	& GO	& Added this ``Document Revision History''. Made several small changes in layout and formulation.\\
	1.2 & March 2013	& JDC	& Added information about the new possible RAM structures\\
	1.3 & March 2013	& GO	& Revision of newly added RAM structures\\
	1.4	& April 2013	& JDC	& Revision of newly added AXI4-Lite interface\\
		& July 2013		& JDC	& Minor update of AXI4-Lite interface interrupt structure\\
	1.5	& April 2013	& JDC	& Revision of dual clock support, multiplier now can operate on a clock independent of bus interface clock\\
\section*{Author info}
\item[GO:] Geoffrey Ottoy\\DraMCo research group\\\url{}
\item[JDC:] Jonas De Craene\\KAHO Sint-Lieven\\\url{}

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