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Additional tracing and dumping added. Sample command line: 
 mpeg2decode -r -v9 -t -o0  'dump_%d_out_%c' -b tcela-10.bits 
Write frames to ppm files:
 mpeg2decode -r -o3  'frame_%d_field_%c' -b tcela-10.bits
Output to X11:
 mpeg2decode -r -o5 -b tcela-10.bits

Trace options in the code:
In global.h:
#define TRACE 1
// Run-length decoding
//#define TRACE_RLD 1
// DCT decoding
//#define TRACE_DCT 1
// Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform
//#define TRACE_IDCT 1
// Trace calculation of individual pixels (very detailed)
//#define TRACE_RECON 1

TRACE_RECON is for low-level debugging, and produces very large amounts of logging. 
A sample line from TRACE_RECON logging:

form_component_prediction (6): 0.5 * (fwd_y[  5,  0](=156) + fwd_y[  6,  0](=158)) ->  aux_y[  0,  0](=157)

Interpret this as: calculate the average of the y[5,0] of the forward reference frame (with value 156) and y[6,0] of the forward reference frame (with value 158), and store the result (with value 157) in pixel y[0,0] of the auxiliary frame.


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