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This is the README file for the S1 Core; all the information
you need are contained in the text files that you can find in
the "docs" subdirectory:

  - README.txt        Summary (this file)
  - INSTALL.txt       Quick Installation Guide
  - UPDATING.txt      Update OpenSPARC sources to latest version
  - REQUIREMENTS.txt  System Requirements
  - SIMULATION.txt    Simulation Environment
  - SYNTHESIS.txt     Synthesis Environment
  - SPEC.txt          Functional Specification
  - SUPPORT.txt       Support and References
  - LICENSE.txt       License for Design and Documentation
  - TODO.txt          To Do List

Probably now you just have to read the docs/INSTALL.txt file.

Please note that from OpenCores you can
always download a single PDF specification that is just a collection
of the text files included in the SVN tree and listed above.

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