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S1 Core - Simulation Environment

To run a simulation using the free software Icarus Verilog
simulator use the following commands:

  s1_sim_build icarus
  compile_test hello
  s1_sim_run icarus

If you want to use a commercial tool such as Synopsys VCS then
set up your PATH enviroment variable so that you are able to
find the "vcs" executable, and then type in the following

  s1_sim_build vcs
  compile_test hello
  s1_simrun vcs

Within this design the only visible difference between Icarus
and VCS is the speed: the commercial tool could be hundreds of
times faster than its FLOSS counterpart; but with Icarus if
you have time to wait for some minutes you will obtain exactly
the same results just using free software.

At the end of the simulation you can look at the logfile and
at the waveforms placed at the following paths:



Obviously if you do not have access to a commercial tool you
can use GTKWave to look at the waveforms: for instance from
the top-level directory just type in the following command:

  gtkwave run/sim/icarus/trace.vcd &

and then from "File|Read Save File" choose the file named

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