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# Bash sourceme file.
# Please set the environment variables in this file, source it and then run 'update_filelist'.

# General paths settings
export S1_ROOT=`pwd`
export T1_ROOT=~/Work/OpenSPARC/OpenSPARC-T1
export PATH=$PATH:$S1_ROOT/tools/bin

# Filelist names
export FILELIST_ICARUS=$S1_ROOT/hdl/filelist.icarus
export FILELIST_VCS=$S1_ROOT/hdl/filelist.vcs
export FILELIST_FPGA=$S1_ROOT/hdl/filelist.fpga
export FILELIST_DC=$S1_ROOT/hdl/filelist.dc
export FILELIST_XST=$S1_ROOT/hdl/filelist.xst

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