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`define SDR_REQ_ID_W       4
`define SDR_RFSH_TIMER_W    12
`define SDR_RFSH_ROW_CNT_W   3
// B2X Command
`define OP_PRE           2'b00
`define OP_ACT           2'b01
`define OP_RD            2'b10
`define OP_WR            2'b11
// SDRAM Commands (CS_N, RAS_N, CAS_N, WE_N)
`define SDR_DESEL        4'b1111
`define SDR_NOOP         4'b0111
`define SDR_ACTIVATE     4'b0011
`define SDR_READ         4'b0101
`define SDR_WRITE        4'b0100
`define SDR_BT           4'b0110
`define SDR_PRECHARGE    4'b0010
`define SDR_REFRESH      4'b0001
`define SDR_MODE         4'b0000
`define  ASIC            1'b1
`define  FPGA            1'b0
// Don't Enable FPGA mode, there is functional bug  in handling Active to
// Precharge timing
// 12 bit subtractor is not feasibile for FPGA, so changed to 6 bits
`define  REQ_BW    (`TARGET_DESIGN == `FPGA) ? 6 : 12   //  Request Width

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