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# Overview

## Introduction

Steel is a microprocessor core that implements the RV32I and Zicsr instruction sets of the RISC-V specifications. It is designed to be easy to use and targeted for embedded systems projects.

## Key features

* Simple and easy to use
* Implements the RV32I base instruction set + Zicsr extension + M-mode privileged architecture
* 3 pipeline stages, single-issue
* Hardware described in Verilog
* Full documentation
* Passed all RISC-V Compliance Suite tests for the RV32I and Zicsr instruction sets
* 1.36 CoreMarks/MHz

## Licensing

Steel is distributed under the [MIT License]( The license text is reproduced in the `` file. Read it carefully and make sure you understand its terms before using Steel in your projects.

## Specifications

Steel aims to be compliant with the following versions of the RISC-V specifications:

* Base ISA RV32I version **2.1**
* Zicsr extension version **2.0**
* Machine ISA version **1.11**

## GitHub repo

Steel files and documentation are available at GitHub ([](

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