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41 rename .txt to .asm. removed derived files. davidgb 5906d 18h /
40 more changes for impact davidgb 5908d 16h /
39 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5908d 17h /
38 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5908d 18h /
37 fixed impact dependency davidgb 5908d 19h /
36 remove debug echos davidgb 5908d 19h /
35 checkin davidgb 5909d 04h /
34 checkin davidgb 5909d 05h /
33 Added makefiles to Digilent 3S500E davidgb 5909d 05h /
32 Added makefiles to Digilent 3S200 davidgb 5909d 05h /
31 Added dependencies davidgb 5909d 05h /
30 Added creation of xilinx tmpdirs davidgb 5909d 23h /
29 Renamed top entity from My_System09 to my_system09.
Created ISE 8.2i compatible file my_system09.ise.
Added initial versions of my_system09.prj,.xst,.ut such that the
makefile can be run without first running ISE.
davidgb 5909d 23h /
28 Overlay makefiles. Renamed some 6809 assembler source files from
.txt to .asm (and updated the shell scripts).
Fixed xess .UCF file to work with ISE 9.2i.
Added missing sdram VHD files for Xess board.
All work is on the mkfiles_rev1 branch.
davidgb 5910d 02h /
27 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
5910d 05h /
26 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'mkfiles_rev1'. 5910d 05h /
25 Added tool that reads S19 record files and generates
VHDL for Xilinx SPARTAN3 with INIT properties containing the
S19 binary data.
davidgb 5910d 05h /
24 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'before_delte'. 5934d 05h /
23 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'before_delete'. 5934d 05h /
22 Updated software - XSA-3S1000 now runs FLEX on an IDE drive or CF card. dilbert57 5934d 05h /
21 Removing old source code dilbert57 5934d 05h /
20 Added files for a basic Spartan 3e starter system dilbert57 6000d 18h /
19 New directory structure dilbert57 6030d 04h /
18 cleaning out old directory structure dilbert57 6030d 05h /
17 Added NOICE ROM for Spartan 2 dilbert57 6541d 03h /
16 Added NOICE ROM for Spartan 2e dilbert57 6541d 03h /
15 Added NOICE ROM for Spartan 3 dilbert57 6541d 03h /
14 Added NOICE ROM dilbert57 6541d 03h /
13 CPU09 bug fixed in MUL, DAA, RTI, NMI etc dilbert57 6541d 03h /
12 Remove dilbert57 6575d 12h /

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